Sunday, January 30, 2005


Cynics must admit that the expectations about the election in Iraq were much lower than today's reality. Brave, stubborn Iraqis ignored the insurgents' promise to "wash the streets with their blood," and came to the polls in large numbers to cast their votes for a brighter future for every citizen of Iraq.

Last week hundreds of journalists flocked to Baghdad to cronicle this historic event and I'm sure to report the bloody death count. Even the lefty anchors from CBS(Rather), ABC(Jennings), NBC(Williams) seemed optimistic about a free Iraq and the extraordinary security efforts made by the USA and Iraq's neo-commandos. Something happened..the reporters were embedded with the Marines in hostile districts infested with suicide bombers, beheaders and Ba'athist extremists still loyal to Saddam. They began to change their tune..talking to Iraqis, so resolved to exercise their right of self-determination; so committed to being involved in forming their own free of a brutal dictator who stole the resouces of their country and sentenced all to a life of poverty, hopelessness and fear. The tears of gratitude for GW Bush and the USA were present in every televised interview..the USA is the champion of the oppressed..what a difference a day makes?

What tomorrow will bring we don't know..but one thing's for sure..Sundays election was undeniably a symbolic, psychological, political DEFEAT for the insurgents and a VICTORY for the Iraqi people, our little coalition, and particularly, a clear validation of GW Bush's vision..the USA can & will spread liberty and democracy throughout the World...if we can do it there, we'll do it anywhere.

Saturday, January 15, 2005


How disappointing that the cracked investigative team didn't find the forger or atleast, state the obvious..they ARE FAKES.

More disturbing is that they were unable to determine that Rather et al are guilty of malicious political bias, driven to defeat GW Bush and slipping the unpopular, "anybody but Bush" candidate...JF Kerry, into the WH.

Slick ole Dan preempted his pink slip by announcing his retirement in March..and Mary Mapes and the other fall guys were snuffed...Rumor has it that Rather's 60 Minutes is getting low ratings and will probably be cancelled..soooo, if CBS wants to keep Rather around..they should give him his own Reality Show..that would be a first.