Thursday, February 17, 2005

Lebanon:WHO DONE IT?

The general consensus seems to be that Syria assassinated pro-western x-premier Rafik al-Hairi in Lebanon; but I say, the timing was inoppertune for two reasons: UN Res 1559, demands the withdrawal of Syria's l5,000 troops from Lebanon (inevitable implementation,France onboard); AND..Syria's efforts to schmooze the USA about harboring Ba'athists (and their money) while supporting the insurgency in Iraq. Sooooo, if Syria is in doubt, what other country stands to benefit from a big media murder spotlite in Lebanon?

Let's think about this..Iran has been manipulating the young Assad since day one..all terrorist organizations have HQs in Damascus..they have free reign and the respect of all those who hate Israeal, the USA and the marginalization of Islam throughout the civilized world. However, a terrorist attack in Lebanon throws immediate & unwanted scrutiny, not only on Syria but also on Iran..the Walmart of Middle East terror shops, so to speak. True, a major assassination diverts attention from Iran's nuclear problems..but they got too much negative press when l50,000 Lebanese mourners flooded the streets and hugged the coffin of their deceased savior, pledging revenge to "whoever" did it..

Getting back to the orginal question...who stands to gain? Today I heard the Syrian Ambassador imply(after a caller outright accused) that Israel would have the most to gain by focusing international attention on the two harshest enemies of the State of Israel..Hmmmm, Hamas already broke the ceasefire, Iranian sponsored Hezbollah lurks on the border of Lebanon with missile sites aimed at the Golan Heights, Israel claims that Iran will go nuclear in 6 months(US intel says 5yrs) this time, with fragile hope for peace with Palestine, Sharon relieved of Arafat and "friendly" with Abbas..AND the international community didling with Iran's atomic bomb(while Israel burns?)..I could imagine that Israel might feel the need for wouldn't be the first time.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

BUT JIM:Hope for Peace in Israel?

JAS said over at Hardstarboard blog: >>One of insanity's metaphors is trying to accomplish something via a particular method, failing, and then persisting in using that same failed method, believing that with sufficient repetition it will succeed.<<

Too cynical IMO..Arafat's death changes everything. Abbas is definitely talking out of both sides of his mouth, but he has no choice. Hamas & Iranian sponsored Hezbollah will kill him if gets too chummy with Sharon and doesn't make them promises under the table.

There's a cease fire, Condi Rice is Secy of State, Egypt is involved and has an economic interest in developing Gaza and doing business with Israel, the two men "like" each other. The USA has wisely played it low key, if you call giving 40 Million to Palestine and inviting Abbas and Sharon to DC, low key?

Listen, GW Bush is the most unlikely candidate for the Noble Peace Prize but it could happen. He's got as much chance as Abbas & Sharon of making the tired old Road Map work. Who would've thought that Arafat would die on a gurney in France? Anything can's a new day in the Middle East..HOPE is alive and well for the first time in decades...the odds are better for Peace than yesterday?

Iran could really throw a monkey wrench into the whole process by encouraging attacks by Hezbollah and Hamas..if they develop a nuclear weapon..all bets are off.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


After winning 48% of the vote on Election Day, the Dem Party is in free fall in the polls. The final nail in the coffin will be driven home when the "Scream" Howard Dean, starts bossing the DNC on February 12th.

In order to sell Dean to normal folks, D-talking heads are trying to pass Howie off as a "moderate."(Check the labelling before you buy that one?) Remember how awful a candidate Dean was? He was too liberal for the democratic primary voters; but NOW pray tell, the cream of the Liberal crop support Dean to be the face, voice and smoothe operator of the whole shebang.

Is this the epitaph for the Democratic Party? Dems are terminally risk averse. Not ONE normal, sensible Democrat dared to stop the wackadoo left wing from driving a stake into the heart of the Democrat Party by infesting it with rich fringy elitist Liberals like Soros, Moore and Pelosi..guess money talks in the Democratic Party these days?