Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Terry Schiavo

This particular euthanasia case has me miffed..the woman is NOT DYING..she has to be starved to death by the State. Why? When her parents and so many others want to keep her alive just the way she is? This isn't like a terminally ill patient in constant pain that chooses to end it all..there is NO living will that indicates her wishes..I repeat my objection..SHE IS NOT DYING..her condition is disputed by the medical profession..her husband has HIS best interests at heart..let her die of natual causes..let God decide when her life is over.

Politically the Democrats looked like cold blooded murderers debating the right to kill Ms.Schiavo..To R-credit, the Republicans in Congress headed by James Sensenbrenner and Rick Santorum in the Senate..devised this Constitutional argument touting the rights of the disabled..compared it to the Civil Rights era when the Feds had to enforce the law on some of the State Courts.

Republicans pulled another fast the middle of night they steam rolled the clueless Dems to save ONE woman's life...Keep your eyes on the sparrow..I'm proud to be a Republican.