Saturday, December 31, 2005



The New York Times and loose lipped reporters will rue the day they divulged classified information over the objections of the WH. The NSA requested that the Justice Department investigate yet another shameful and irresponsible leak to journalists regarding the President's top secret surveillance program, designed to identify and locate Al Qaeda cells living in the USA and "connect the dots" this time, hopefully preventing a repeat performance of a horrible attack akin to 9/ll.

THIS LEAKER WILL BE FOUND. Journalists will be interrogated, forced to reveal their sources and jailed for endangering our Country at time of War. SURPRISE!! This is not the result they expected. The Bush haters, the anti-Bush Liberals and the yellow Democrat Party, were quick to accuse the President of breaking the law and abusing THEIR privacy rights. Some ranted about Impeachment; a firestorm of thoughtless criticism was hurled at the Administration...but one thing the Left and the ACLU didn't figure on, since they're soooo out of touch with patriotic, mainstream America and totally devoid of common sense...the PEOPLE agree with the CIC's candid declaration that he did it for their safety..The NSA is not listening to elite academics whine about Clinton's Impeachment appearing in new text books..We're listening to bad guys who want to kill us..and President Bush has used every tool at his disposal to prevent it...AND thank GOD, unapologetically continues to do so. "It's my duty!!"

The ACLU has the gall to refer to a traitorous leaker as a whistleblower..this isn't Plame Gate? Anthony Romero, executive director of the ACLU bemoaned the turn of the events: "It's pretty stunning (to who?) that rather than focus on whether the president broke his oath of office and broke federal law, they (the Justice Dept.) are going after the whistleblowers." (What a croc..they could be shot for treason.) The Left are in a state of terminal delusion..Do they know we're at war?..the fight of our lives?

Lucy Dalglish, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, said the Plame investigation was about "political gamesmanship." But the NSA leak probe is frightening."
"In this case, there is no question that the public needed to know what the New York Times reported. It's much more a classic whistleblower situation. The public needs to know when the government is engaged in things that may well be unconstitutional."

Besides being ignorant of the case law, she fails to recognize that a lethal enemy DOES NOT need to know..Left Wingers must be stupid or crazy or both..they are dangerous...Don't they care that civilians and reporters have been beheaded in Prime Time? What about their RIGHTS?

"The fact is that al-Qaida's playbook is not printed on Page One and when America's is, we're put at a disadvantage and made unnecessarily vulnerable."

Their failure to admit that these leaks help the enemy avoid being caught before they strike is shameful and harmful to our LIVES. Hopefully, the leakers will be silenced forever and the traitors punished before more Americans die at the hands of loose lipped "whistleblowers" bought and paid for by the New York Times.

Friday, December 16, 2005



On a day that should have been a great triumph for the WH; the NYTimes led with a story about Bush ordering the NSA to "Spy on American Citizens." The headline alone spews hate and jealousy for all things Bush and dampens any celebration for the Bush Administration over their well deserved achievements yesterday in Iraq.

The vote was a complete success. The insurgents split from the Jihadis and warned them not to attack polling places on Election Day...and they didn't. Zarqawi's days are numbered..once the government is intact and the Iraqi security forces are unleashed, does anyone think they'll tolerate foreign invaders blowing up Iraqi citizens, assassinating police recruits and seizing THEIR Country?

That said, the Sunnis voted in large numbers this time around, signaling their intention to be part of the new government of Iraq. The participation of the Sunnis shows they're ready to trade ballots for bullets and negotiate with the Shiites & Kurds rather than launching a Civil War that will most certainly end in their defeat and marginalization. Now comes the hard part, stitching together a coalition government that will effectively provide Security and the staples of living comfortably for every Iraqi citizen. A tall order..let's hope they can agree and get on with rebuilding their Country.

The vote in Iraq was an inspiring story, but the NYTimes couldn't let the Bush Administration gloat for even one day..they released a story they'd been sitting on since 2001..The usual suspects were outraged..WHY? My initial reaction was: "Pppuh, I'm Shocked?? Ofcourse we spy on terror cells in the USA." If we didn't the cells et als would be at liberty to plot another attack..we picked up Al Qaeda contacts; phone numbers, names and locations in the USA when we invaded Afghanistan and from others detained in the ME. Those connections HAD to be wire tapped and stopped from performing their dasterdly deeds. Our terror task forces have broken up several US based cells and achieved successful prosecutions as a direct result of NSA surveillance.

Did anyone notice that we haven't had another attack in the USA since 9/ll? Other countries have not been so lucky..Spain, Britain, Netherlands, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Bali..the list goes on.

We must be doing something right..maybe it's spying on the enemy? Bush advised the chairmen of the Intelligence Commitees; he got legal advice from the AG; the Wars Powers Act gives the President the right to defend this Country from an *enemy within* and everywhere on this planet..He would have been irresponsible after 9/ll NOT to do everything within his power to track down embedded Al Qaeda terrorists on our own shores and beyond and prevent them from killing thousands of innocent civilians.

The Democrats care more about demeaning Bush than winning a war, the lives of our troops AND the safety of Americans. They're blatant partisanship in time of WAR is not just stupid, it's dangerous to one and all.

Hint: The fishy timing on this NYTimes story fits in nicely with the Dems fight in Congress to get rid of the Patriot Act. The Democrats ranted and raved about the NY Times expose' during the debate on the Patriot Act which is totally unrelated to this particular National Security directive. Could it be that the NYTimes and the Democrats have schemed to kill two birds with one perfectly placed stone on the front page? Bush's Democracy Party in Iraq and the Patriot ACT?

UPDATE: Bush didn't waste a minute admitting that he did indeed authorize the NSA to spy on terror suspects in the USA. He said it was all on the up and up and it was his duty to do what was necessary to prevent another surprise attack on our soil. He let the hot air out of the Bush-haters bashing frenzy..the talking heads' jaws dropped at his positive candor. Their coverage went over like the proverbial lead balloon.

He also took the opportunity to slam the NYTimes and other Media for printing classified material that will interfer with the WOT. He also figured out that the timing of this old story was linked with the Democrats attempt to allow the Patriot Act to sunset. Read or watch a video of the take charge, no apologies, scolding of the MSM and the Democrat Party for wantonly hindering his efforts to protect the American people.


GW's "Fireside Chat" from the Oval Office...scolds MSM and Democrat Defeatists..

Jim over at Hard Starboard says it best..hold on to your hats!!