Thursday, February 02, 2006

State of U...Let 2006 Midterms begin!!


The speech was more of a "state of the Presidency" than of the nation. President Bush is up-beat and confident; steadfast with Iraq and determined to prevent BinLaden et al from attacking Americans on our soil ever again.

The speech was structured to show that Dems have no positive message of their own:

On the War in Iraq the yo-yos had no choice but to rise in support of our troops, although they were mute and paralyzed for all other references to events in Iraq. After detailing the progress in Iraq to Republican cheers only, Bush threw out a line about the sacrifices the troops are making for this Country, and that brought the Dems dutifully to their feet. (Making a nice snap shot of "Unity" in support of the War)

He pried them loose one more time: "Congress did not act last year on my proposal to save Social Security."..His mention of his failed effort, prompted the Dems to a gleefull standing ovation. Imagine that?..they applauded themselves for defeating an initiative geared to protect the retirement income of Seniors and left the imminent problem unsolved; thereby, confirming for all to see, that opposing everything, regardless of the benefit to Americans, while DOING NOTHING, is all anyone can expect from Democrats.

Bush hit the mandadtory & forgettable laundry list:

Education..70,000 new teachers.
Health Care..electronic records to control costs and reduce medical errors.
Taxes..make them permanent and reduce entitlements by 14 Billion.
Energy...we're "addicted to oil"...gets the nod for sound bite of the night.

This year Bush used the State of the Union festivities to kick off the last campaign of his political career..Today he recycled the speech for a more friendly audience..the Grand ole Opre House..where GW got folksy and enthusiastic about the future of the Republican Party. The Party has picked up seats in every election cycle since GW has been President..he could defy the odds and do it one more time in the 2006 midterms..Smart money wouldn't bet against him?