Friday, October 12, 2007

Turkey Shoot

The House Foreign Affairs Committee by a vote of 27-21 has condemned the Ottoman Turks for the killing of 1.5 million Armenians around World War 1 and rightfully called it a genocide.

Turkey's politicians are furious...they've always denied the charge of intentional genocide and blame the slaughter on a Civil War. The timing of something good, couldn't be worse; the WH, the Pentagon, Military leaders..all want the resolution squashed before it heads to the full House for a very public vote...but Democrats, led by Brad Sherman of CA, so far refuse to back down.

Turkey's Prime Minister has threatened to end the American military's use of roadways from his country into Iraq; more than 1/3rd of the fuel for the troops in Iraq is delivered through this key supply route. Turkey's government withdrew it's Ambassador to DC..a sign of how serious our Islamic NATO ally is about covering up this atrocity.

Lately Islamic traditionalists have been causing trouble for the folks who've embraced western style modernity and want to be part of the EU. There's been demonstrations over the Danish Cartoons and the Pope's call for moderation, ironically resulting in riots. Turkey's military is agressively guarding the border between Turkey and Iraq from the Kurds...another nationality that Turkey would like to see erased.

Turkey has never supported the US in any Wars in Europe...they're at best a troubled democracy that could very easily side with the Middle East in hopes of reviving the greatness of days gone by...Oh well, as far as the vote on Armenian genocide...maybe it'll be enough that our Congress called the savage murders of so many what it is...a genocide; but, for now, quiet the controversy while the US Military is fighting in Iraq?

(More Turkey?)
Can it be that Democrats, after failing time and time again to force CIC Bush to end this war, are using this "turkey" to retard the progress our troops have been making since the Surge began? Is it possible that the Democrats in Congress hate our President more than they recognize their responsibility to support our Military when at War and their lives are at stake? Sadly, if they'd call Gen.Petraeus a traitor and a liar, sacrificing US soldiers and the Kurds to Turkey is not beneath them...but right up their alley.