Sunday, February 06, 2005


After winning 48% of the vote on Election Day, the Dem Party is in free fall in the polls. The final nail in the coffin will be driven home when the "Scream" Howard Dean, starts bossing the DNC on February 12th.

In order to sell Dean to normal folks, D-talking heads are trying to pass Howie off as a "moderate."(Check the labelling before you buy that one?) Remember how awful a candidate Dean was? He was too liberal for the democratic primary voters; but NOW pray tell, the cream of the Liberal crop support Dean to be the face, voice and smoothe operator of the whole shebang.

Is this the epitaph for the Democratic Party? Dems are terminally risk averse. Not ONE normal, sensible Democrat dared to stop the wackadoo left wing from driving a stake into the heart of the Democrat Party by infesting it with rich fringy elitist Liberals like Soros, Moore and Pelosi..guess money talks in the Democratic Party these days?

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