Friday, July 15, 2005


So far it's hot!!!

***** The retirement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
and the nomination of Judge John Roberts

***** Suicide bombings in London (2)

***** Calls for withdrawal from Iraq

***** To the Plame outing, prompting an embarrassing
*Get Rove* frenzy in the loonie-left-wing of D-Party.


Schumer was caught declaring "war" before Bush named a nominee..doesn't say much for open minds and advise and consent. Dems have backed themselves into a corner by compromising with the Gang of Fourteen,"centrists"..(yuk) who put "extraordinary" language in the pussyfooters coalition, leaving very few nominees for Dems to whack...three of the most right wing judges were confirmed as per the Compromise in a week after waiting two years and longer for a vote...soooo, will the Republican leadership go nuclear if Dems hold up this historic chance to tip the balance of the Court to the Right for half a century? Sadly..I'm not sure R-leadership has the inclination or the guts to steam roll the obstruction and jump on the opportunity to halt the spread of secularism, return power to the states to determine societal norms as per the will of the people. ONE staunch Conservative originalist like Scalia will do the is the time...I hope the boys in DC don't bunt..swing for the fences.

UPDATE: Last night at nine o'clock President Bush introduced his nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Judge John Roberts to the American people and the clueless Media that had fallen for the decoy Judge Edith Clements and had been taking her apart all day.

Roberts couldn't be a better choice..he's already been vetted by the FBI and the Hatchet Committee...he's cool underfire and will represent himself well..I'm sure that Chief Justice Rehnquist had more than a little influence on GWs pick..Roberts clerked for Rehnquist and later in his career argued before SCOTUS about 37 times..the Justices on the Court consider it a treat to listen to Robert's well founded arguments.

This is the first nomination in a series that will alter the balance on the Supreme Court for decades; eliminating the trend of legislating from the bench..SCOTUS will no longer fast track amendments to the Constitution, invent NEW rights and dictate social norms by fiat..SCOTUS will return to deciding cases the old fashion way i.e., AMENDMENTS will be approved by 2/3 vote of Congress and 3/4 of the States.

7/31 Hearings on Judge John Roberts will begin on September the meantime, Dem staffers will be mining 75,000 pages of the Judge's writings. Dems should pick their fights, Roberts will get atleast 70 votes and be confirmed with little ado.

Here comes d'Judge..:)


7/31-All four 7/21-dud bombers have been arrested..many Mullahs & Muslims that have been free to preach hate and recruit followers to radical Islam OPENLY and with out legal penalty are facing a radicalized terror task force in London, 35 arrests, over 200 picked up for questioning..London is worse off than the USA..our Muslims are less likely to be radicalized and our police and other security agencies, thanks to the Patriot Act, have infiltrated Mosques and Muslim communities from which actionable intelligence is forthcoming..just recently relatives of Mohammed Atta were apprehended in New Jersey..who knows what atrocity THEY were planning?

Around 9 am on a clear sunny day, 3 bombs went off in the London tubes at rush hour..In the vacinity, a fourth explosion on a double decker bus followed shortly after the underground blasts. In Israel this staggerd detonation tactic kills first responders helping the injured at a previous blast; and in this case, exiles from the subway forced to take a bus.

Already the authorities have determined that 2 of the bombers are home grown..all were living in Britain and left ID evidence on their bodies when they blew up..killing 52+ and injuring over 700 commuters..the Brits took it well..stiff upper lip and all that..this escalation to suicide tactics has forced Brits to rethink their Immigration Policies; get tougher on the quasi-mullahs teaching hate and recruiting young men to kill themselves to kill many others.

This atrocity has had a galvanizing effect on the Brits..they've been far too soft on the radical Muslims living among them. In the name of ethnic hyper-sensitivity, unearned civil rights and stupifying political correctness, Britons legal system allowed quasi-mullahs to indoctrinate home boys for Jihad while preaching death to all non-believers. Kill infidels & Jews where ever you find them. Now they know, and we should learn that Mosques & Charity fronts must be transparent, infiltrated and closely monitored to PRE-EMPT another insideous plot by the enemy within.

UPDATE: Four failed blasts went off today in the London..3 in the Tubes and 1 in a Bus..none of the bombs went off. So far authorities think only the detonators ignited but no explosives blew up..luckily. Ongoing investigation will discover if and what kind of explosives were in the backpacks..the bombers "signature" is a dead give-a-way.

While Tony Blair was meeting with John Howard of Austrailia..the tabloidie London reporters tried to blame Blair's Iraq policy for increasing the risks for Londoners. John Howard stepped up to the plate and reminded the naive reporter that Bali, 9/ll and East Temor were all before Iraq. He defended Blair, Bush and himself...when he put the responsibility for barbaric attacks on civilians, SQUARELY on the TERRORISTS...scolding everyone who blames Countries that refuse to surrender and fight hard for democratic civilizations. Blair chimed in with more of the same..the British Government will crack down on the Muslim population or thousands more Londoners could die.

Top British officials meet today with intel and police(COBRA) to revise the law so that terrorists can be successfully prosecuted for "attempting" to employ terrorism against Britain. I'm sure they'll wind up with something very similar to the wrongly maligned Patriot Act.

UPDATE: Today a suspect in yesterdays attacks was shot and killed by London's terror task force. The Brits are going on the offensive..the civil liberties of murderers regardless of their race & religion are secondary to the lives of innocent Londoners..that reality, is an easier case to make the more Jihadists disrupt the lives & liberty of British citizens.

In NYC police are searching bags and napsacks on the, no..they're not profiling..the searches are random..wouldn't want to insult a suicide bomber? What a crock? Atleast it's a deterrant to cells that might be planning to hit a vulnerable target..who knows, a MidEastern young man with wires sticking out of his pants might arouse some suspicion?


7/31-Gen. Casey Commander in Iraq said today that IF, IF, IF, conditions dictate we'll draw down troops in the Spring or Summer of 2006. That was supposed to be enough to satisfy the Lefty gang crying for a "time line." We're not going anywhere until the mission (whatever that is) is finished. Iraqis are still dying every day..we can't leave until they can defend themselves, your guess is as good as mine when that will happen.

Democrats and the MSM jump on any hint of bad behavior by our troops..Gitmo and AbuGhraib were tainted with charges of "torture" and insensitivity to the religiousity of the detainees..."flush to judgement" by Newsweek. Senator Durbin(D-Ill) put the icing on the cake, comparing the handling of the Gitmoes by US soldiers, to Nazis, Stalinist Gulags and Pol Pot's genocides..Durbin was called a "disgrace" by democrats at home and the outrageous remark was the last straw for Republicans and Military leaders who complained on the Hill that negative statements from our own government officials bolsters the enemies refrain that NO ONE supports the US invasion, not even our elected representatives or the people of the USA. It's sad that this reprimand had to made at all..Dems haven't a clue when it comes to military matters..Why? Why are they so stupid that they're dangerous?

Although progress is being made in Iraq, the insurgency blasts away at long suffering Iraqis..everyday innocent civilians and security forces are blown to bits by Jihadis and sunni Saddam loyalists who know that stabilization in Iraq, a Democratic Iraq will ensure their defeat and expulsion from Iraq. Furthermore, a clear victory by the US & Iraqis, will diminish support for their lethal brand of international terrorism among "moderate" Muslims throughout the ME & the World. Ofcourse, until the Muslims strongly oppose murder in the name of Allah, the vicious militants will generate a fearful reaction from dutiful Muslims prone to capitulation.

Funny isn't it..The people living in Islamic theocracies hypnotically submit to their self-serving, corrupt religious leaders who blame the West for what is clearly the shortcomings of their own governance...Democracy is a harder sell in the ME than any of us imagined..maybe it's because the PEOPLE don't want Democracy to replace Islam..afterall, it is THEIR way of life?


Two years ago Robert Novak revealed the name of Joe Wilson's wife, Valerie Plame and that she was a CIA agent. Three weeks later, the Dems responded by accusing Karl Rove and the WH of illegally leaking the name of a "covert" agent...Gotcha!! Not exactly...

Slowly but surely the truth is being sorted out..Rove, is off the hook legally..but Dems won't let it they're ranting about "appearances"...the WH "appears to have lied..McClellan said Rove was not involved and he was..the President promised to fire whoever leaked...if they leaked...Bush lied?

Actually Wilson, a Kerry campaign adviser, lied and lied..his report was discredited by the Senate & the House and his contention that his wife did not recommend him to go to Niger was also found to be false. Democrats and the MSM look like idiots..they're the one's that should be concerned about "appearances." They seem to be clueless about every important issue of the day..and now, as I suspected, a Democrat seems to be at the bottom of this whole trumped up, silly mess.(stay tuned) Dems demanded a special prosecutor and now Fitzgerald is looking under every rock and Dems are crawling out from under. Reporters and Democrats embarked on a fools errand..Get Rove? They didn't..all they got was hilarious comedy skits on late night TV and the demise of one their own arrogant, partisan liars..Joe Wilson.

UPDATE: The Rove Scandal is history now that the Press yoyoes were given a new bone..Roberts nomination to Supreme Court. Try as they one cares about the trials and tribulations of reporters. It's satisfying to see the WH PR monster manipulate and taunt the Press animals.

Thursday: Reporters and their lawyers met today on the Hill at a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee to request a Federal Shield Law that will eliminate legal responsibility for reporters and their anonymous sources. Surprisingly most of the committee members on both sides of the aisle found this "get of jail free" Law as foolhardy as I do. Imagine the stories reporters and their sources could make up if they were above the Law? A Federal Shield Law is a baaaaaadddd idea.

7/31-So far no new revelations..chances are the "ham" sandwhich will not be indicted..but rumor points to a leaker "outside" the WH?

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