Tuesday, November 01, 2005



BEAU DIED...peacefully sometime last night..he was lying in front of his dog house this morning..stiff as a board..a PUPsicle.

He was a dalmatian, born in 1992. I saved him from the breeder who was going to put him down to protect the purity of the breed. Beau was deaf...not a valid reason to snuff out a cute, little pup like him...even if he was the runt of the litter and not up to Kennel Club standards. The breeder offerred me a replacement but I was already too attached and charmed by his "can do" personality...You see, he learned to read lips...must have?.. because he always did what I expected of him. He was quiet and clean, appreciative of his surroundings and he protected me like no other human ever did..he came into my life when the nest was empty..he filled it with love and loyalty. I'll never get another dog..when you've had the best, no other will do..in my eyes, he was a true blue Champion.


As expected, with the re-do nomination of Judge Samuel Alito(aka:Scalito), GW Bush yielded to the relentless demands of his trusty base while with a single stroke of compliance to Conservative principle, sparked a long awaited confrontation between Right and Left wing ideologues and Party regulars alike..

The defeat of the Miers nomination followed so closely by "Scalito" has united all Republicans against the onslaught of D-criticism that has already begun. Most of it is boiler-plate..practice makes perfect and Republicans have had plenty..we'll bury the hatchet in their backs..we're pumped.

The air is sucked out of the indictment madness and the Miers disappointment..Dems will have to focus on this red meat appointment..they can't do two..maybe three things at once? Delay & Frist..Libby? Polls show know one cares..but the people DO care about the Supreme Court..polls showed during the Miers mistake that the majority prefer a Judge..Federal experience and expertise with Constitutional Law...ergo, for 15 years Judge Alito has sat on the 3rd Circuit, confirmed by unanimous consent of the Senate (two times)...therefore, the insufficient qualifications angle is off the table; Dems in order to oppose him will have to do a 180.

Out of the shoot, (reported by Chris Matthews on HardBall) on the top of D-hit list(talking points) was this meatball...17 years ago, this Italian American prosecutor(Alito) lost a case against a crime family...(later he demolished another crime family but Dems give him no credit for that one.) With 15 years of an extensive judicial paper trail available from the Federal Bench, what nit-wit in Dem Party decided to pick on Italians? This clumsy implication is going to hurt them baaad...Alito hails from New Jersey..the dumping grounds for many a tough guy who will not take this lying down.>>s


Update: Today the Senate was hijacked by Democrats frustrated by the no-Leak Indictment followed by the nomination of a super pro-life Judge and the replacement of the Judge hearing the Delay case.

Their childish plea for attention was a stunt to get press coverage..on that score they were successful..At issue, is their insistance that they were manipulated to go to War on false pretenses..mainly, the intelligence regarding WMDs was not the "slam dunk" that Tenet promised...and tediously, Bush lied.

It didn't take long for Dems to turn on Fitzgerald..they wanted a grand slam and all they got was a "soft ball." Soooo..they will try to link the indictment of Libby to the rehash of Wilson's contention that the administration fooled them...who's fault is that? Truth is, when Dems voted to go to war it was election season and NO DEM wanted to be tagged incapable of pulling the trigger on our enemies.


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