Wednesday, January 04, 2006



Oh my, the Dems were drooling over this election year scandal and now that the lobbyist extrodinaire, Jack Abramoff, has copped a plea, one would think they'd be clucking like chickens on speed; but nooooo, it's way too quiet in the DC roost. Why? Could it be that this scandal is too complex for the media dimwits to get? OR perhaps a few no-note-democrats are pigeons in the coop of corruption too? For forty years they were the recipents of all the gifts from lobbyists on K Street; but alas, without power no decent lobbyist would give two cents to the minority..they've gotta miss the attention?

Cspan is doing a comprehensive report explaining the whole dirty business..first part aired last night, second it on their website, because it's not your usual FBI scam. You know...tapes of Marion Barry smoking crack, passing the envelope to undercover agents dressed as thee MAN? If Congressmen are to be indicted, Justice will have to show a quid pro quo..bribery is very difficult to prove. If access is all the tribes got, that's legal. At the present time, only a few DC critters are losing sleep; to name a few..Charles Rangel D-NY, Robert Ney R-Ohio; the really juicy pubbies like DeLay, Rove, Frist..have all issued denials and reluctantly returned thousands in campaign bucks tainted by the corrupt lobbyist gone native.

If the Bush Administration was even a little to blame instead of leading the prosecution team, it would be the Little Big Horn all over again..instead the implications of this indictment will take time to sink in. Jack Abramoff pled guilty to Conspiracy, Mail Fraud and Tax evasion. If he gets the max he could do 30 years; plus he's agreed to pay 25 million in restitution to his victims and l.7 million for back taxes..The pampered Congressmen may turn out to be guilty of Golf trips to Scotland...the perks went to their heads, but is it a crime?

It reminds me of that old joke about the Lone Ranger and Tonto: Indians closing in on Lone Ranger and Tonto; Lone Ranger says: Things lookin bad, we're surrounded by Indians; Tonto says: Not WE, Kimosabi?>>s

Abramoff charged several Indian Gaming Tribes 60 Million for his services. He advised the Chiefs that he would be using the money to gain them access and influence with lawmakers; but he told them he couldn't do it alone..the tribes had to donate wampum to Republican campaigns. He used his buddy Scanlon's businesses as fronts to pit the Casino Tribes against each other. Let's be clear, we're not talking about poor Native Americans on the Reservations, it's millionaire Casino Chiefs that hired the guy so they could continue raking in the chips and expand their business ventures. NONE of the profits were earmarked for their own poor people..Casinos provide 500,000 jobs nationwide and employ atleast 2/3rds from Indian is business...they want tax shelters NOT Totems and Tepees for the underpriviledged on the reservations. They learned capitalism from the whiteman and so did Jack Abramoff.

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