Friday, January 13, 2006

Alito Battle Cry


Poor Martha-Ann Alito cracked under the onslaught of vicious smears and insideous innuendo hurled at her humble and honorable husband by the dumber than dirt Democrats on the Judicial Committee. After thousands of their words and hours of demeaning stage play by Democratic hatchet men, Kennedy, Schumer and the mouth, Biden; (although handled patiently, calmly and professionally by Judge Alito)..Mrs.Alito's lips quivered and she broke down in tears of disappointment & sympathy over the relentless, undeserving attacks on her husband's character and remarkable life achievements.

Alito's endurance and knowledge of the law frustrated the pathetic dimwits who failed to pierce the nominees armor..They failed miserably to depict him as a radical extremist that would overturn Roe, set race relations and women's rights back to the 60s, be a rubber stamp for WH power. IOW, a jurist with a RightWing agenda. Their bloviating antics showed them for what they are in an election year..going no where, impotent slaves to their special interest wackoes..AND profoundly ineffectual when they ply their partisan non-sense in a forum where they could examine 15 years of independent legal decisions that would show interested citizens that Judge Alito is a fair, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable advocate for advocate for the little man expertly fit to sit on the highest Court in the Land.

From R-perspective..the weaping spouse was a nice jarred all who had been lulled by more of the same old, same old, into day dreams of sunny days..The tear jerker woke up the MSM too..the tearful little woman made the front page and everyone's talking about the meany Democrats. At it again?..Don't they EVER give a good man his due if he's NOT a Democrat? Ironically because of rude, small minded, gossip mongers who'll stoop so low as to make a good wife and devoted mother cry, Judge Alito is well on his way to setting those 5-4 decisions Right. The Democrats were right about one concern, Judge Sam Alito is no carbon copy of Justice O'Connor..his confirmation will tip the Court in the Right direction for decades to come..the Robert's Court, including Alito, is just Right..R-prayers are answered.

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