Tuesday, April 18, 2006



Que Paso?

Have you heard this tid bit of presumptuous, premateur lameduckery trumpeted by the MSM & Cable's talking heads? President Bush's polls are low as they go and the Democratic Party's tirade of relentless scandal mongering has taken a cumulative toll on every policy initiative sponsored by the Administration this year.

The Dubai Ports Deal...No veto, No deal?

A 6.8 billion dollar deal was approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment transferring the management of six crucial US Ports from Britain to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). When the particulars were noticed by Congress, the Press and the People, the security angle created a fire storm and arguably, xenophobic hyperbole..public fear of Arabs.

President Bush threatened to use his veto power to secure the deal, but opposition grew partisan and hysterical. President Bush was caught off guard by the turmoil: "I want those who are questionng it to step up and explain why, all of a sudden, a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great Britain company...the company will not manage port security. The security of our ports will continue to be managed by the Coast Guard and Customs..they ought to listen to what I have to say about this." But THEY didn't and Dubai Ports is looking for an acceptable proxy.

Ugh? The Administration has taken steps to rev-up the public's awarness of the real threats by Islamic terrorists lest we all become dangerously complacent the further we get away from 9/ll...Considering the fate of the Dubai Deal, perhaps the fear mongering has worked too well?

Immigration:.border control & document 12 million illegals

Atlast Immigration Reform is on the table, sorta? With the emotional opponents of illegal Mexican immigration, mostly people and elected officials in the SW part of the USA, forming militias and building Israeli type Walls to block the constant flow of illegals across our Southern Border, it's no surprise that Congress was forced to act. They tried..but the partisan game play, encouraged by hundreds of thousands of Hispanics demonstrating in the streets in an election year was too much for the self-serving incumbents to rise above.

The Sensenbrenner House Bill was all about Border security and eliminating the "mystery count," the 12 million or so that are here enjoying the blessings of a self-acquired AMNESTY. Hillary Clinton, the most likely nominee for President in 08, compared the House Bill to the scriptures: "Even the Good Samaritan" would be a felon."

In the deliberative body, Arlen Spector managed to push a Senate Judiciary Committee Bill to the floor which included a guest worker program. When it hit the Senate floor for debate, the cries of AMNESTY regarding another workers program without enforcing and reforming conditions on the Southern Border *FIRST...resulted in a contentious stalemate. Congress critters went home for Easter...which may be the best thing..stay home until November for all I care? Afterall it appears that no sensible, productive lawmaking is possible in an election year.

I'm very disappointed that Republicans in Congress are abandoning R-President..they'll rue the day that they turned their backs on the CIC in time of War. It's understandable that the deluded opposition Party blames Bush for EVERYTHING, but for R-own incumbents NOT to defend and praise the achievements of their President, the head of R-Party who has increased R-majority in every election cycle since his in 2000, is baaad for the Country, our Military fighting in Iraq, the WOT & the public confidence in the majority Administration and more importantly (to them)..their re-election bids.

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