Wednesday, April 26, 2006



Fox News contributor, journalist and radio talk show host, Tony Snow, will replace Scott McClellan as WH Press Secretary next week.

Since Tony Snow is recovering from Colon Cancer he had to delay acceptance of the President's offer until he received a go ahead from his doctors. This job is tiring for a well man..I wonder if Tony will be able to keep up with the tirade of hard questions hurled at the poor guy at the podium...EVERY day?

Tony Snow is familar with all the Press critters and they with him. Already the Lefties have circulated an email containing Snow's negative remarks about the President: "...he's become somewhat of an embarrassment"..and more of Snow's popular rants.

Snow has a special relationship with the President since he was a speech writer for his father. Supposedly he'll be in the loop and will be able to offer advice as to the presentation of Administration events and policy to the Public. Perhaps he might even insist that the Press use some ink on such matters as: Mary McCarthy's leak of classified information about foreign prisons, obviously harmful to National Security and her dismissal for breaking her pledge of secrecy with the CIA? Perhaps he might even discuss whether it's beneficial to National Security if a "shadow CIA" that leaks at the pleasure of the Democratic Party is helpful to our success with the War on Terror? NSA surveillance too. Geeeze, it's outrageous that Dana Priest got a Pulitzer instead of jail time and Mary McCarthy is regarded as a heroic whistleblower by the Left Wing mob?

In short, Tony Snow can turn the tables and ask the most important question in every election since 9/ll..."Can Democrats be trusted with National Security?" OR, is their lust for power more important than prosecuting any Democrat for treason OR protecting this country?

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