Wednesday, April 26, 2006

United 93:Roll it?


Last night A&E TV aired the film about hijacked United Flight 93 that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Much ado was made of the timing of the release...too soon, too painful, opens old wounds? All of that is soooo true, but memories are fading for Americans not directly affected by the horrible carnage we on the East Coast experienced that clear, beautiful day in September 2001.

It's time to refresh memories...time to forcefully defend ourselves against the barbarians still at large and lethal. Unite and support our President's sincere efforts to prevent more American deaths at the hands of ruthless Jihadis.

As to the film, all victims' families approved of Paul Greengrass's sensitive portrayal in real time(90min) of the 40 brave souls who stormed the cockpit and gave their lives so that others would live...Live to avenge their sacrifice.......this film is a must see for those that oppose our aggressive offensive against Al Qaeda and radical Islam. Many have come to believe that if we just leave them alone (like wasps) they won't bother this film and judge for yourself the accuracy of that naive conclusion...It's hard to watch, but film should be an important part of the dialogue...United93 is the first in 5 that the ice is broken, expect to see Hollywood jump into the mix with a blockbuster about 9/ll.

Lights, camera, action...roll it!! Lest we forget.

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